One Day At A Time

My name is Ken and im a recovering drug addict

Time to let go

Today its time to let go and let God. I cant really have it all even if im already sober. I made a lot awful mistakes that i cant really fix it that fast. I just have to trust my higher power that everything will be ok. Good bye sab. 

Base ng Mt. Malindang, Mindanao. 

Base ng Mt. Malindang, Mindanao. 

Life, Love, Recovery

The 3 strongest words of my life as of this moment. Thank you. :)

Can you believe this is 200k? Dapat eto nalang kaya binili ko instead of rehab. Dains…hehe…

Can you believe this is 200k? Dapat eto nalang kaya binili ko instead of rehab. Dains…hehe…





"Ain’t Seen Love Like That"

I’ve been miles from nowhere
Crossed and doubled back
Time is a healer
And I’ve done my time
Cause I ain’t seen love like that
I’ve seen the light of freedom
Dim and fade to black
So many faces, but no one compares
No, I ain’t seen love like that
And I got people telling me to let her go
Don’t let it turn you around
Tomorrow’s comin’ and you’ll never know
The one that you lost may be found
I believe in justice
I wonder where’s she’s at
It feels like a lifetime
And it just ain’t fair
No I ain’t seen love like that
And I got people tellin’ me to let her go
That girl is bringin’ you down
Tomorrow’s comin’ 
And you’ll never
The love that you lost may be found
You know that people telling me to let her go
Dont’ let it trun you around
Tomottow’s comin’ and you’ll never know
The love that you lost may be found
No, I ain’t seen love like that
So many faces, (ain’t seen love like that)
No one compares I ain’t seen love like that


So nice to have clear thoughts. A clear mind. Thank God for sobriety. :) Thanks Sab

It works

Im 36 days sober now. Still here in rehab but im flying to manila then baguio sa weekend. Its been a great recovery for me. I learned to love and most of all, i learned to live. We “my coregroup sa rehab” goes to the beach every Sunday 

usually coz its a lazy day every sunday. Also went to dolphin island in Ozamis a couple of weeks back to feed the dolphins. They were so beautiful. 

Anyway, i really just wanted to say that i miss Sabrina. Sab i hope you read this. You know minsan pag gabi, i end up writing to you. just telling you about my day. I dont think im obsessed but of course, i have to stop lying to myself. Maybe when im ok, i can patch things up with you. One of the things that made me decide to enter recovery is to experience how it is to try to love you, (if possible) when im sober. Inside and out. You see, there were times i may be sober when i was in manila, but my addict mentality was still there. In time maybe. Ill give you all the time in this world. Theres a song i want you to hear. Its a song that inspires me all the time. Lab na lab talaga kasi kita. hehe. So anyway, everynight i pray for you always. Alam mo, sobrang obsessed ako sa gym ngayon. Wala lang. Papa guapo ako sayo. :) lab lab lab. You know i was so nervous before opening my tumblr. But anyway na overcome ko naman. 

I miss you Sab. Until then. ill see you soon.

God bless, God speed.

Ken Navarroza

Buying tickets

Napansin ko karamihan sa mga nauuso ngayon ay ang pagsabi ng mga tao na ma prinsipyo sila. Ngunit isa lang pala itong pamukha para ma satisfy ang tenga ng nakikinig. Alam ko ito dahil kung mayroong maprinsipyo akong nakilala, ito si Jesus, si Jose Rizal, at ako.

Sabi ng marami na you can never recover or live again when you dont let go of your past relationship. Sabi nila sakin forget her and move on. Sabi ko, hindi. Ill think of her kasi she still inspires me. Lahat na kinontra ako. Kesho madami pa raw isda sa mundo, etc. Eh para sakin unang una, hindi ako naghahanap ng isda. Pangalawa, yung ang gusto ko. At pangatlo, i believe that she makes me and she can make me the best i can be.

Sa huling yugto ng buhay ko na ito. Sa pagpasok ko muli sa recovery after 15 years. Ipapakita ko sa lahat na totoong kaya ko with that simple prinsiple in my mind. Na isa lang ang gusto ko at pwede kong mahalin. At para sa akin napili ko na. The only thing that will make me realize that i should move on, is when im back in reality and knowing that her heart already belongs to someone. By then, i dont have to turn into an angry motherfucker, taking contrabands to take away the pain. Hurting every soul in this world for them to hunt me down thus giving more exiting challenges in this life.

oh well, that was my life. I truly believe that it works if you work it. Pray and have faith in what you believe. I still believe that i am someone. Someone that was and could be a great person. This i will harness when i get back.

All i can say is that.

I shall return, live again, love you more. :)